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Last updated Aug 2, 2022

Some of my ideas. Those marked “Product” are ones that I could see becoming a full-fledged startup. Those marked “Public good” are things that I think should exist but might not be venture backable. Those marked “Hack” are ideas I think that would be fun but not necessarily venture backable or a useful public good and possible to do within a short time frame.

I wanna build these things or see them be built but for now, they just live as ideas.

# Product

  • Subscription Protocol in crypto – open up a world of possibilities for subscription-based payment systems. Would probably have to be a protocol that other DApps/crypto applications opt-in to using
  • Anything to make government infra, airport infra, and immigration/customs infra better
    • tools to let more people complete online check-in. Right now, most people that aren’t the citizen of the country they are flying/travelling to or do not qualify for a visa exemption are not able to check-in online. Even if they have already acquired the visa. Is there a way to improve this?
  • Anonymous confessions - something truly anonymous
  • Pay for medical bills with crypto
  • A system to prove you own wallets without it being a hot-wallet. Maybe an ENS subdomain verifying system could work for this. If you set your cold wallet as cold.YOURMAINENS.eth and have some verifiable credential in YOURMAINENS.eth, you can quality for airdrops, token gated content without exposing your valuable tokens.
  • Crypto insurance
  • Single Sign in with wallet - there’s lots of people already working in this space but idk who will win
  • Glassdoor for DAOs - see ratings on different DAOs
  • Blind with zk verifiable anonyminity - write about your company/group without exposing who you are
  • Compensation sharing platform with verifiable anonymity
  • Calendar plug in to see your friends’ busy times - more granular way to show when you are busy without revealing too much information about what you’re doing
  • Demographic scraper? AI? for healthcare - lots of racial and gender bias in healthcare research. Help give custom recommendations and healthcare based on demographic data. Healthcare, race and gender can’t really be decoupled so it makes sense to have some way to mitigate this. IDK if AI can help though
  • Cross-border identity + finances - help people that live lives across different countires, or new immigrants have access to banking. Sometimes it is as simple as needing a phone number to even make an account for example Venmo (US) or Payme (Hong Kong). No, I do not want another phone number I already have 4, but I am forced to make so many just to use the basic financial services. Isn’t having a local phone number (or a number at all) so last year?
  • Web3 Urban Dictionary – wtf does wagmi, fren, based, mid, floor, mean? we need a place to define these once and for all. Trying to work on this with referents.xyz
  • Web3 compensation sharing - ideally data points can be verified in a zk way to protect anons (that they actually work/worked at those companies)
  • SDKs/APIs for basically every new chain, storage system etc. We need improved dev tools in crypto
  • Github repos scraper + recommendation engine
  • Petitions on chain - ways to sign petitions that are valid for submission to parliament/legal systems. Would probably need a way to verify identity of people. Activism tech seems pretty outdated right now.
  • Food wastage preventation - donate unused/unconsumed food to homeless shelters, domestic abuse shelters and families in need. The legal hoops to jump through for this are insane, but if someone is able to figure this out. Props to them. I tried this way back with PearShare but it didn’t really work out.
  • Find a ___ who also did that. In hiring, conferences, school, we get so many examples of accomplished men doing xyz. Companies are struggling to find candidates or examples even of an ideal candidate that are diverse. Would be cool to have a database or scraper to find a [insert woman, member of the LGBTQ+ community, minority, etc.] that also does this. It’s 2022, it’s time to have more diverse hiring pipelines, role models, historical figures and conference speakers
  • Accounting software for freelancers/self-employed people

# Hack

  • Forms + Viewing with decentralized storage systems (like Airtable or Google forms but web3 vibes). Do we need another way to store things on-chain/decentralized? prob not but this would be fun
  • NFT order aggregator - view open orders and offers across all marketplaces and help fulfill them
  • ENS marketplace - buy and sell ENS domains
  • Digital location garden to track favourite memories with location tagging - inspired by some amazing personal sites I’ve seen
  • Bulk upload files to google photos while maintaining album structure
  • Petition on chain
  • regular message reminders for various people in your life like your parents and friends. It’s easy to lose touch if you’re not living in the same place but make it easier to remember to reach out.
  • A way to track learnings. Kind of attempted building this with my brilliant friend Padam. We called it Today I Learned and its not really well maintained anymore.
  • track your family’s history - learn more about the past of your family and document their stories
  • Ingredients –> Recipe. Exactly as it sounds. Input the ingredients, get possible recipes.
  • sign in ledger - so many old buildings make you sign in with pen and paper when entering smh

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